What started as a hypothetical conversation over drinks shortly after we met on dive holiday, quickly became a real business plan.
The three of us had a strong passion for teaching and with other skills and hobbies between us, we would be able to build a very strong business.
Put together three laid back instructors from the Caribbean who think learning to dive should be fun and at your pace, and you have Antigua Scuba School. Between us we have over 30 years of teaching experience, and over 60 years in the dive industry itself and can help you achieve your dream of learning to dive or assist in increasing your knowledge and continuing education. All at the pace of YOU! From the absolute beginner to someone interested in entering the professional ranks, we can do it!

12782134_1110613085649559_495730388_nKRISSY “Live your life to the fullest”

Having a Dive Instructor for a mother, you could say I was born into diving! Snorkeling before I could walk, you’d think I was a mermaid. I’ve been diving for 19 years now, and I love it just as much, if not more than my first time below. Most people would say that underwater is quiet, but if you know what to listen for, it is noisy! Finding these little noisy fish and critters is one of my passions; making Underwater Naturalist one of my favorite courses to teach. I also have a fixation for the preservation of sharks. I teach the distinctive Shark Conservation Specialty course  with great joy. I am on a mission to save these misunderstood and valuable creatures. I hope to be diving long enough to watch my own little mermaid looking up to me and what I do!!

meWILDER “Born to be wild”

As my nickname implies, I love to have fun! I bring my polish “flare” wherever I go! I’d been diving all over the world when I decided to  become and Instructor. Scuba is very people-orientated and thats what I love most. I also get to bring my other hobbies and passion into diving. I love to teach photography and videography! With my creativity, teaching Rescue courses allows me to have as much fun and learn as much as my students. Though I’ve seen a lot of the world, there are so many new places I’d love to see, and some places I’d love to return. Diving allows me to do just about everything I love most..

12782168_1110612005649667_104041117_nMOTHERHEN “life’s a beach…and then there’s diving”

I was a kindergarden teacher when I chose Antigua as my holiday destination, simply because I had never heard of it before… My first day here, looking at the ocean, I knew I had to make this country “home”. I tried scuba diving for the first time in my early 30’s but immediately implored ways to make this my new career. Deciding to do my Instructor course, I packed up and settled in Antigua a year later. I have been an instructor for over 30 years, with over 15,000 dives under my belt! Although teaching all courses bring me joy, I am working my way towards being a Course Director. I love to travel and dive…but with so many places still on my bucket list, I think I’ll be at this for a long time yet!