Meet Georgette!

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She’s an anomaly as far as Nurse sharks go. She’s extremely friendly and entertains herself by following you throughout your dive. Mostly she’s hoping for lion fish handouts, which she receives as a result of us culling the reef. Because lion fish are an invasive species with no natural predators here, they tend to quickly take over. Georgette however, exhibits truly fascinating behavior if she finds one before we do. Similar to a dog sniffing out critters in a hole, she swims back and fourth between us and her potential snack, indicating where we should strike! Once we’ve done the dirty work, she happily claims her prize. We’ve known her since she was a pup and watched her grow for the past 5 years or so. She’s affectionately (and with good reason) called a puppy and we love being followed by this toothless shark! #sharks #antigua #diving #scuba #reef #antiguascubaschool #padi